Oasis Resource List

Among other things, God uses practical teachings to ignite our faith and help direct our paths. Below are some recommend resources for individuals going through separation or divorce.

God Will Make a Way by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
God’s Design for Broken Lives: Rebuilding After Divorce by Barbara Dycus
Helping Children Survive Divorce by Dr. Archibald D. Hart
Hope For the Separated by Gary Chapman
Living Well on One Income by Cynthia Yates
Love Must Be Tough by Dr. James C. Dobson
New Life After Divorce by Bill Butterworth
When the Vow Breaks by Joseph Warren Kniskern
When You Can’t Say "I Forgive You" by Grace Ketterman and David Hazard

Sermon Series
The Best Question Ever by Andy Stanley
Destinations by Andy Stanley
Hope: When Life Hurts Most by Louie Giglio
It Came From Within by Andy Stanley
The Waiting Room by Jeff Henderson
Where’s God? There’s God by Andy Stanley, featuring interviews with Lane Jones, Joel Thomas, and Brenda Tuminello
Your Move by Andy Stanley

Online Resources
Before You Divorce: www.beforeyoudivorce.org
DivorceCare: www.divorcecare.org
DivorceCare for Kids: www.dc4k.org