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Serve by completing DIY projects on your own or with a group.

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Completing a service project is a great way to get involved in our community, but sometimes it's hard to volunteer on-site with a nonprofit. These step-by-step DIY guides allow you to participate in a service project on your terms. They're great for you, your family, or your small group. If you complete a DIY project, register your participation so we can measure our collective impact in our community.

Foster Care Support Foundation

Foster Care Support Foundation

Foster Care Support Foundation (FCSF) serves a vital and growing need throughout Georgia by providing free clothing, infant equipment, and developmental toys to thousands of children in foster and relative care.

Boy Clothing Drive

Underwear and Pajama Drive


north fulton community charities

North Fulton Community Charities

North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) compassionately offers hope and dignity to North Fulton families and individuals in need. 

Diaper and Wipe Bundle

Essentials Bags

Feminine Product Bags



HomeStretch gives homeless parents and their children a safe and comfortable place to live while simultaneously helping them address the root causes of their situation and return to a life of self-reliance and stability.

Bedding Supply Drive

Home Decor Drive

No Longer Bound

Each year, No Longer Bound (NLB) serves over 80 men that are working to overcome addictions to drugs and alcohol. Their program focuses on regeneration as opposed to rehabilitation, with the goal of radical change for the better. 

Book Drive

Graduation Bundle


Beacon of Hope

Every year, Beacon of Hope serves thousands of women that have experienced unplanned pregnancies.

Encouraging Letters

Prayer Support

Amana Academy

Amana Academy, a Fulton County public charter school serving 750 students, is the first K–8 STEM school certified by the Georgia Department of Education.

Teacher Kits

Children's Development Academy

The Children's Development Academy (CDA) provides affordable childcare and early learning programs that enable the preschool children of low-income working families in our community to make a great start toward a bright future.

Essentials Drive

Book Drive

STAR House

STAR House Foundation enriches our community by promoting academic success and empowering lifelong achievement in at-risk children.

Book Drive

School Supply Drive