Serve on Your Own

Serve by completing DIY projects on your own or with a group.

volunteers posing while unloading supplies from a car

Helpful for our partners. Convenient for you.

Completing a service project is a great way to get involved in our community, but sometimes it's hard to volunteer on-site with a nonprofit.

These step-by-step DIY guides allow you to participate in a service project on your terms. They're great for you, your family, or your small group. 

Foster Care Support Foundation

Foster Care Support Foundation

Foster Care Support Foundation supports foster children and their foster and relative care families by providing clothing, toys, and other needed supplies. Partner with FCSF to meet the needs of foster families throughout the state of Georgia by completing a DIY service project.

most needed items drive


north fulton community charities

North Fulton Community Charities

North Fulton Community Charities combines emergency assistance services with educational programs to assist individuals and families as they seek new professional opportunities and increased earning potential. Support our neighbors as they move toward financial stability by completing a DIY.

Toiletry Bag Drive



HomeStretch provides a safe and supportive housing program to working families who are experiencing homelessness. Help families regain and sustain permanent housing by completing a DIY for HomeStretch.

pantry & household supplies drive

no longer bound

No Longer Bound

No Longer Bound is a long-term, residential, faith-based addiction treatment program that utilizes therapies and vocational training to rescue, regenerate, and reconcile men and their families. Support men on their journey to freedom by completing a DIY service project.

Greatest needs drive


the drake house

The Drake House

The Drake House provides private, crisis-housing for mothers and children experiencing homelessness. Complete a DIY for The Drake House and help homeless families achieve economic independence and long-term stability.

Pantry Supplies Drive

childrens development academy

Children's Development Academy

The Children’s Development Academy (CDA) provides high-quality early education for children whose families couldn’t otherwise afford it. Partner with the CDA through a DIY service project to ensure that children in North Fulton are kindergarten ready.

Essentials Drive