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What's it like in Waumba Land?
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"It is overwhelming to be able to see the joy and peace of families knowing that their youngest members are safe and loved while they focus on worship or serving. To be able to love and cherish these little ones for just a couple hours each week has to be the easiest of ways to serve. There is no greater privilege than to be able to have an impact in other people’s lives."
— Stacey

"I started volunteering in WL because I wanted to do for someone what had been done for me. My boys grew up in Waumba. The volunteers cared about them and, therefore, cared about me. That left such a mark on me and because of it, I wanted to give that back. Giving, serving, and loving on these families has been one of the most life-giving things I have ever done."
— Harry

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What's it like to serve on UpStreet?
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"Serving in UpStreet makes me a better person. It make this huge church seem a bit smaller. I feel lighter on Sundays. I wish that meant weight-wise, but it's actually heart- and soul-wise."
— Sharon

"There are so many precious moments I get a front row seat to . . . I have treasured seeing how God has used the team on UpStreet to shape and influence these elementary students' lives."
— Melanie

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