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Parenting is tough. You want to get it right. We want to help.

We miss seeing your smiling faces, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on UpStreet!

We are providing an online UpStreet experience for your child each Sunday morning, as well as a weekly Friday night experience for the whole family. 

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Online Content

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Sunday on UpStreet, March 29

We all want people to forgive us when we’ve done something wrong, but are we always quick to forgive others? Jesus knew that sometimes we would struggle to forgive people. So he shared a story about why forgiveness is so important.

In this week’s episode, they’ll play a game, experience the story, and learn to apply forgiveness at home with our small group friends.

On UpStreet, music is pretty important. Kids can learn amazing truths about God through the songs we sing each week. And when a song is on repeat in their heads, they’re reminding themselves of that truth over and over again.

If your kids have been missing their weekly dose of UpStreet songs, have them jam out to our music video playlist.

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Friday Feature, March 27

There’s never been a better time for your family to become a team than right now. Watch this KidStuf show on Cooperation to learn what animals already know . . . two are better than one!

KidStuf—it’s a show you experience together that makes your family better!

After the show, bring more Cooperation to your house with Operation Cooperation!

Learn how to play!

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Vinny onstage for UpStreet

Sunday on UpStreet, March 22

Has someone ever done something to you and you think they don’t deserve to be forgiven? What do we do with that feeling? And does Jesus have anything to say about it? Those are the things we want to talk about this week on UpStreet. Check it out!

If you’re looking to take the forgiveness conversation further, use these questions:

Talk About It

  1. Has someone ever told you they were sorry but you felt like they didn’t mean it? How did that make you feel?
  2. What does it mean to really forgive someone?
  3. Knowing that God always forgives you when you do something wrong, how should you treat others?
Watch as a family!
Image of Kidstuf clubhouse

Friday Feature, March 20

When you’re part of a family (that's at home all the time together!), you have to forgive every now and then—or every day, right? Check out this KidStuf show and help your kids learn how to “let it go.”

It’s a show you experience together that makes your family better! After the show, put forgiveness into practice at your house! Make your own Rocks Box with the instructions below.

DIY Rocks Box

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