Five Things that Grow Your Faith

A Self-Guided, Five-Session Online Study

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five things that grow your faith

What are things that grow a person’s faith?

Most of us want to grow our faith, but it can be hard to know how to do that. We often stall out in our efforts and don’t get to experience the full life God wants for us.

In this online study, we’ll share five things God consistently uses to grow our faith. In each session, Andy Stanley will explain one of the five things that grow our faith, and then you’ll hear someone just like you share a personal story from their own faith journey.  

Here’s how to start:

  1. Register below. Sign up for instant access to the videos.
  2. Watch online. Watch five 10-12 minute videos on each of the five things that grow your faith.
  3. Put it into practice. After each session, we’ll provide questions for reflection to help you determine your next

Whether you’re looking to restart, refresh, or recharge your faith, we can help. Register for Five Things That Grow Your Faith, and we’ll help you start a new journey today.