Guest Services Volunteers

Creating a remarkable experience for every guest

young woman greeting guests at north point

Life is complicated. We want to help.

We know you want to get life right. 
For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping people discover a practical faith that leads to greater meaning and direction in life. 

Our goal is to create a church unchurched people love to attend. In Guest Services, our teams are the first to engage our guests and are the last impression as they leave. Guests will care more about the way we made them feel than any information they may receive. It is the guest experience that is the differentiator.

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Meet friends.

Meet others just like you.

Influence our community.

User your gifts to make a difference.

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Create a meaningful life.

Find purpose in serving.

Join the team.

There's a place here for you.

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There’s a place here for you. 
We’ve created a simple process for you that’s designed to find a team that’s suited for you!

  1. Provide your information.
  2. Staff member will contact you with more information and to schedule an interview.
  3. Decide which team best fits you!