Divorce Recovery

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Someone to guide you through Separation or Divorce

Divorce and separation are painful. We have mentor-led groups to connect you with the support you need as you move toward personal healing and restoration.

Oasis Divorced Groups and Oasis Separated Groups 

You’ll meet in an eight-week, mentor-led group to develop an emotionally healthy plan for a better future. If you don’t see a group that works for you, please check again later, as we offer new groups monthly.

Not sure which group to join? Let us help.

 If your divorce is final or will be in the next two months, choose a “Divorced” group. Otherwise, “Separated” is for you. If the group that best describes your season does not work with your schedule or is unavailable, please choose a group, whether “Divorced” or “Separated,” that you can attend.


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man in office smiling

"I loved the group discussion,

the ability to share and hear other's stories and viewpoints, and finding people dealing with the same issues I am."

content woman

"I enjoyed meeting other people

and hearing how similar our stories are. I have made some great friendships from the group."

woman smiling

"It was good to talk to people

who had gone through the same thing and that we all had similar experiences."

strong and happy man

"I just like that people were

very honest. I felt so alone before the group, and now I know I am not alone."

Not sure where to start?

Let us know and we can help!