One Thing(s)

A self-guided study for married people

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Ever wish you could get specific and practical marriage advice?

Ted Lowe, speaker, author, and founder of, interviewed leading marriage experts and asked them this question:

“If you could tell couples only one thing, what would it be?”

This five-session, self-guided study includes the One Thing(s) they shared, covering topics like communication, money, faith, and sex.

Each session includes a 15–20-minute video and questions to discuss with your spouse.

And the best news is that the advice is free!

Here’s how to benefit from One Thing(s):

  1. Register online. Sign up to receive the weekly digital content for five weeks beginning February 25.

  2. Watch online. Watch a 15–20-minute video when it releases each Thursday or another day of the week. We suggest you plan to watch together on a set day and time.

  3. Discuss together. After the video, take 15–20 minutes to discuss the questions we’ll provide.

Sometimes One Thing can change everything.