Parking Team Volunteers

Create a remarkable experience for every guest.

The parking team serving on a Sunday, at church.

Parking Team members serve for one service every three weeks. Want to help us provide lasting first impressions for our guests? Give us your information and we’ll contact you with next steps.

Hear what it’s like to serve on our Parking Team.

Woman in pink shirt outside picture

"My husband Dave was a parking volunteer for over 15 years. He passed away two years ago from cancer. He loved his parking team and loved serving at our church. Throughout Dave’s illness, his parking team was so kind to me. After some time, the leader of the team reached out to me and asked if I wanted to take Dave’s place. I thought, why not? So I happily became a proud member of Parking Team C."
"I am so glad I said yes to this opportunity. I have met some amazing people. I understand why Dave loved it so much. The parking team rotation is every three weeks, so it has been easy to make serving part of my schedule. Our team members are the first ones to come in contact with people coming to North Point. We wave, guide them, smile, and offer a kind word to newcomers unsure of where to go. We are there to make them feel comfortable and loved as they enter the building. I see this as one way for me to show my love for Jesus as we help others learn more about our Savior."