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An environment designed with children ages six weeks–Pre-K in mind

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Teaching about God in a fun and engaging way.

Your preschooler can plan on lots of singing, dancing, and learning every week.

We miss seeing your smiling faces, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Waumba Land!

We are providing an online Waumba Land experience for your child each Sunday morning, as well as a weekly Friday night experience for the whole family.

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Online Content

Watch as a family!

Sunday Feature, March 29

Today we’ll hear a story Jesus told about a big party! Everyone was invited to the party because EVERYONE is important to Jesus. And if everyone is important to Jesus, everyone should be important to us too!

Talk about it:

  1. Who do you love? (Jesus loves them too!)
  2. Who would you invite if you were throwing a big party?
  3. How can you celebrate with the people you love?

We have a ton of online goodies for you today! Scroll down to check them out!

Keep the fun going!

Dance & Sing!

After you experience the Bible story, dance it out with a music video and fun craft idea.

Make a banner

Learn the Bible verse

Watch as a family!

Friday Feature, March 27

There’s never been a better time for your family to become a team than right now. Watch this KidStuf show on Cooperation to learn what animals already know . . . two are better than one!

KidStuf—it’s a show you experience together that makes your family better! It’s designed for elementary-aged kids, but we think older preschoolers will love it too.

After the show, bring more Cooperation to your house with Operation Cooperation!

Learn how to play!

Watch as a family!
teen girl talking about God

Sunday Feature, March 22

All month, we want your preschooler to be learning about Jesus and how they can be more like him. One way we can be like Jesus is by praying. Praying is simply talking to God, and one of the most important things your child will learn is that they can talk to God anytime, anywhere, about anything! So grab a snack and watch this Bible story video with your child.

Talk to your child about what they just learned by asking them these questions:

  1. When can you talk to God?
  2. Where can you talk to God?
  3. What can you talk to God about?

Want to help your preschooler learn to pray? Help them make a prayer cup! It's a fun way to help your child learn that they can talk to God.

Make a Prayer Cup

Watch as a family!
Image of Kidstuf clubhouse

Friday Feature, March 20

When you’re part of a family, you’ve got to forgive every now and then—sometimes every day, right? Check out this KidStuf show and help your kids learn how to “let it go.”

KidStuf is a show you experience together that makes your family better. It’s designed for elementary-aged kids, but we think older preschoolers will love it too.

Put forgiveness into practice at your house! Make your own Rocks Box with the instructions below.

DIY Rocks Box

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