Session Four

Hard Hats On

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What does it look like to live the Christian life day to day? It’s rare that anyone explains it to us. More often, we are told about theology or doctrine, but given no advice about how to apply what we’ve learned to our daily lives. The Christian life is about yielding ourselves moment by moment to the source of life—Jesus. You can put all your efforts into meeting your needs by whatever means necessary—or you can trust your heavenly Father to meet your needs.

After you watch the video, take some time to complete the exercises in the Design Plan and answer the Questions for Reflection below.

Complete the “I Want to Be a Person Who Is More . . .” exercise and the Summary Exercise provided, and take some time to answer the Questions for Reflection below.

I Want to Be a Person Who Is More . . .

Summary Exercise

  1. “Abiding” is staying in close connection with God. This can look different for everyone. How do you connect with God (e.g., journaling, nature, music, Bible study)?

  2. What are some barriers that keep you from abiding (e.g., busyness, small children, career)?

  3. Do you know someone who seems to be “abiding in Christ”? What is appealing about this person?

  4. What is one thing you can do this week to take a step toward abiding?