Special Needs

For Middle School Students and Young Adults

young lady with special needs sitting with volunteer

Caring for students with special needs

You want your student to learn about God, but you don't know if a typical Sunday morning experience will be the right fit. We're here to help!

Where is the Special Needs program?

A special sensory room is located in room S325 on the Transit hallway. The room is equipped with trained volunteers and includes many unique features a student or young adult with special needs will enjoy.

What types of special needs do you accommodate?

Our goal is to accommodate any student who attends Transit. 

What does the Special Needs curriculum look like?

We modify the curriculum used in Transit to accommodate our students needs. 

What ages are allowed in the sensory room?
The 9:00 a.m. Transit sensory room allows students ages twelve–16 years old. The 11:00 a.m. Transit sensory room allows students from ages 12 years old up.
What time is Special Needs offered?

9:00 a.m. (ages 12-16)  and 11:00 a.m.(ages 12 and up)