Back to School Tips

with Temperament Coach Kathleen Edelman

tips for yellow kids

Tips for Yellow Kids

  1. When they pick out school supplies or new clothes, let their creativity run wild! Encourage them in their choices.

  2. Have lots of conversations about all the fun things that will happen this year at school. 

  3. Talk about what friends they hope to have in class and how exciting it will be to make new friends.
tips for red kids

Tips for Red Kids

  1. When it comes to school supplies, packing their backpacks and picking out their clothes, let them choose everything on their own. Tell them you trust them to make the best decisions, and don't interject. 

  2. Ask them what they think needs to be done to be ready for the school year. Then, follow their plan (within reason).

  3. Have a conversation about what their goals are for the upcoming school year.
tips for green kids

Tips for Green Kids

  1. Ask them how they are feeling about the new school year and really listen. Validate their feelings and talk through any fears.

  2. Encourage them to choose their outfits and shower the night before so there are fewer things to do early in the morning.

  3. Remind them of things they did well last year and encourage them by saying things like, “Your new teacher and classmates will love having you in their class!”
tips for blue kids

Tips for Blue Kids

  1. Make sure to get there early on the first day. The less crowded hallways will help them ease into the transition. And getting into the classroom before it’s loud and chaotic will help them feel less overwhelmed with the change. 

  2. Start moving their bedtime earlier every few days to get ready for those early school mornings. Help them create a habit of gathering everything they need the night before so they can go to bed feeling ready. If they push back, remind them that it's one of the best ways to prepare their bodies to be fully ready on day one. 

  3. Give extra support and sensitivity as they adjust back into the school year. In a week or so, they’ll be enjoying the predictability of the routine, but for now they may need some extra space and silence when they get home.

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