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Middle school is an awkward and challenging season for many students to navigate. And the topics of dating and sex are no exception. But we know this subject is too important to avoid. And because we believe that church should be the safest place to talk about anything, we open up a conversation around these topics every spring. For three weeks we’ll take a look at what God’s plan is for relationships and sex. And through that lens, we’ll help students set some Relationship Goals.

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What Students Need Most In a Pandemic

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Thank you for being incredible small group leaders! As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we wanted to share the following two videos with you. Tim Elmore shares some incredibly helpful insights that will help know what students need in light of COVID and how to engage with them even better as they develop a faith of their own.

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We hope you found these two videos helpful as you lead your students through an uncertain time that has the opportunity to help them hope and trust in Jesus in new ways.

Check out this helpful resource as a reminder of what was shared in the videos. 

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Welcome to Transit! We're thrilled that you're joining the crazy goodness that is middle school ministry. Check out the New Leader Orientation for a glimpse into what you'll experience in Transit and some helpful tips as you get ready to lead. Thank you again for saying "yes" to Transit!