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February verse cling image

New Verse Cling for Your Family!

Get one in Waumba Land!

Preschoolers are developmentally learning and soaking in the world around them at a rapid rate. It’s like their superpower. That’s why every month in Waumba Land we send your family home with a NEW verse cling, so you can harness some of that superpower to help them remember important truths about God!

Wouldn’t it be great if they never forgot that they are incredibly loved by Jesus, and they shared that love with others? Put the February verse cling somewhere you and your preschooler will see every day, so you can learn it together!

Pick up your family’s verse cling in Waumba Land. New each month!

preschooler holding decorated postcard

Share the Love!

Decorate a postcard in Waumba Land.

On Sunday, February 25, we’ll be sending your preschooler home with a Jesus Loves You postcard to give to a friend!

They will decorate it in Waumba Land but will need your help to make sure the card is given or mailed to their friend. Giving a card is one way to show Jesus’s love to the people around us!