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Andy Stanley
Mar-Apr 2019

While believing in Jesus gives hope, Christianity is not based on hope or blind faith. It's based on evidence. As an eyewitness to many...

We Are North Point

Clay Scroggins
Mar 03, 2019

All of us can remember someone who believed in us. Whether it was to pass a test, perform at an event or navigate life. The people who...

Money Talks

Andy Stanley
Feb 2019

If our money could talk what would it tell us? You might be shocked to find that what our money would say is pretty close to what Jesus...

I Said This, You Heard That

Clay Scroggins, Kathleen Edelman
Feb 03, 2019

For years people have tried to predict or understand behavior in an attempt to strengthen communication. One of the best keys to...


Andy Stanley
Jan 27, 2019

The Church is remarkable. And against all odds, it changed the world. There is still a great deal that needs changing. By God’s...