Kindergarten–5th Grade

See what happens on UpStreet!
See what happens on UpStreet!

We're helping kids grow in faith and build great friendships. They'll have so much fun learning:

  • God loves me.
  • I can trust God no matter what.
  • I should love others the way Jesus loves me.

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This month in UpStreet, your child is learning...

UpStreet's Big Idea, Joy
May Verse of the Month sticker

Monthly Water Bottle Sticker

Add it to your UpStreet water bottle!

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UpStreet's Car Tag

UpStreet's Car Tag

Make time in the car matter.

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UpStreet HEROES Promo

May 28, 2023

This Summer on UpStreet
Heroes unite to change the world!

Every kid has days when they dream of being a superhero. This summer on UpStreet, your kid will join Violet, Edge, Rocket, and Astro the Dog as they discover the power God gives us to be HEROES when tough choices are on the line.

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