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More Than Sunday

InsideOut meets from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Sundays at North Point Community Church.

The pivotal season of high school goes by fast. While the goal is often to survive these years, InsideOut is here to help students make the most of them. On Sunday afternoons, students meet up with their friends for live music, practical teaching, and small group conversation guided by adult leaders who care about them.

Current Series

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Here are two things we want you to know about InsideOut this month:

  1. This month at InsideOut, we’re launching a new series called Because You Are Young. Students often feel like their leadership and influence are limited because of their age. But we want to help them see that having strong character can give them influence and opportunities to lead.

  2. Registration is open for InsideOut Daytona! At this five-day beach retreat, students will be encouraged, challenged, and equipped to live out their faith in practical ways. Sessions include engaging worship and communicators who set up students for powerful conversations in their small groups. When you add in the pool and the beach, this camp is hard to beat!

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We have environments and support specifically designed for children and students with special needs.

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